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Salerno Molo Manfredi – Sorrento

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Hours (from01 April to the03 November 2024)

Salerno (Molo Manfredi) Sorrento
  • 08:20 (FROM CAPRI) Everyday
Sorrento Salerno (Molo Manfredi)
  • 16:10 Everyday


Single price list

  • One way Roundtrip A/R
  • Adults € 23,50 € 45,5
  • Children (2-12 years) € 14,50 € 27,50
  • Luggage (per piece) € 3,50 € 7,00
  • Pets € 7,00 € 14,00


the rate includes € 1.50 as a municipal surcharge on port boarding fees for the city of Salerno

INFANT: up to 2 years old. Free passage without seat assignment.

GUIDES AND LEADERS GROUPS:: 1 free ticket for every 20 paying guests + free passage for authorized guides.

BUNKER SURCHARGE: Tariffs are inclusive of bunker surcharge there for are suject to variations related to fuel cost increase.

VAT REGULATION :The consideration for the freight of passengers and vehicles is inclusive of VAT. Port taxes and duties, where due, are excluded from VAT. pursuant to article 15 DPR 633/72 and included in the total amount.

Ticket offices

Salerno Molo Manfredi

Salerno Molo Manfredi

089237063 / 3483441759