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Online ticketing regulation

Art. 1
The object of this contract is the transportation of passengers and accompanying luggage as governed by Art.396 and
following of the Navigation Code.
Art. 2
The passage ticket is personal, not transferable to others, and is valid only and exclusively for the day and ride
The mail-ticket holder must compulsorily report to the Social Ticket Office at the boarding port, at least 20
minutes before scheduled departure, to check in and obtain the Boarding-Pass required for boarding.
In fact, it is not allowed to board with only the mail-ticket.
After the check-in deadline has passed, the reservation lapses, and the passenger will be placed on a waiting list. You may
Embark only if there are vacant seats on board.
Art. 4
In case of cancellation of the trip due to the passenger’s fact, booking fees will not be refunded and tickets will be
Refunded with 30% penalty, provided that the ticket was properly cancelled, as follows
Cancellations of tickets purchased on the official NLG website (www.nlg.it) must be notified with communication
written via e-mail to rimborsi@nlg.it , no later than 48 hours prior to the scheduled departure.
Cancellations of tickets purchased on booking web portals, travel agencies or otherwise from third parties must
Be notified directly to portal and/or agency customer support and not directly to NLG.
After this deadline, the ticket cannot be canceled and, therefore, refunded.
The reimbursement amounts will be remitted by the company to the address that the passenger will indicate in the cancellation e-mail.
Tickets purchased online at the official NLG website at the link www.nlg.it will be refunded with cancellation of the amount due
On the credit card used to purchase the same.
Rights arising from the contract of transportation of persons, luggage and vehicles shall be time-barred with the lapse of the terms
provided for in Articles 4.1.8 and 4.3.8 of the Navigation Code (given below).

  1. Rights arising from the contract of carriage of persons and unregistered baggage shall be time-barred with the lapse of six months
    by the ‘arrival at the destination of the
    passenger or, in case of non-arrival, from the day the passenger should have arrived.
  2. Rights arising from the contract of carriage of registered luggage shall be time-barred with the lapse of one year from the redelivery
    of luggage or, in the case of
    loss, from the day these should have been returned.
  3. In transports that begin at term outside of Europe or the countries washed by the Mediterranean, the statute of limitations for rights
    indicated in the subparagraphs
    precedent is fulfilled with the lapse of one year.
    Art. 4.3.8 PRESCRIPTION:
  4. Rights arising from the contract of carriage of goods shall be barred by the lapse of six months from the return of the goods, and,
    In case of total loss, from the
    day on which the things should have arrived at their destination or, in transportation of certain things, from the day indicated in the
    Article 4.5.6.
  5. In transports that begin or end outside of Europe or the countries washed by the Mediterranean, the prescription is fulfilled
    With the lapse of one year.
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    Art. 5
    In case of trip cancellation due to adverse weather conditions, or for technical or otherwise forceful reasons
    major, the ticket will be refunded without penalty, but nothing else will be due to the passenger other than the simple
    Refund of the price paid. In cases where check-in has already taken place with collection of boarding passes, the customer is
    required to keep unused boarding passes and attach them to the refund request email. The following will not be accepted
    Requests lacking proof of intact boarding passes.
    Art. 6 BAGGAGE:
    Packages containing personal effects are considered baggage, and therefore can be taken on board with the passenger.
    Small parcels, backpacks and small bags, however, not exceeding the weight of 5 kilograms, are exempt.
    On the other hand, suitcases, travel bags and similar are taxable at the relative rate. The ticket-baggage price
    remunerates only the maritime passage of the same. The embarkation, disembarkation, accommodation on board and custody of the
    same during navigation are the sole responsibility of the passenger.

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