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Travel information

Suitcases, travel bags, backpacks and the like, containing personal effects, and traveling with the passenger are considered luggage.

Passengers have the right to carry only one piece of baggage with them free of charge, with a maximum size of 50x30x15 cm and a maximum weight of kg. 5.00.

Baggage exceeding the allowance will be checked in against payment of the relevant fee.

The baggage ticket pays only for the sea passage of the baggage.

Boarding, disembarkation, accommodation and custody of packages during navigation are the responsibility and responsibility of the passenger.

The baggage items cannot be placed on chairs or armchairs, or in such a way as to hinder other passengers.

Packages that do not contain the passenger’s personal effects, especially if they are particularly bulky, will be loaded only in case of availability of a seat on board, as long as there are no technical and medical impediments, and at the unquestionable judgment of the Command on board.

Passengers who bring on board substances or objects of illegal possession, or that do not comply with current health or legal provisions, will be liable to the Company for any damages, fines and fines that may be incurred as a result of such introduction. The Company is only liable, within the limits of the law, for valuables delivered, against regular receipt, to the Command. The Company is not liable for valuables, valuables, money or anything else left in the car or in common areas on board the ship. In any case, it is still up to the complainant to prove the extent of the loss or damage suffered, as well as the fact that such loss or damage occurred during transport.